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No School Days

We will be taking some federal holidays off and will close in rare instances like power outages (without power or water for 1 hour or more), unhealthy air conditions, inclement icy weather, family emergencies and required coronavirus quarantining. These are paid days off with regular monthly tuition due. The scheduled days off give your provider 3 weeks of paid vacation, 3 sick days, 4 personal days and 4 Professional Development/Licensing & Training days, all of which is spread out through the year. We try very hard to work our personal life into our work schedule, but sometimes things cannot be planned in advance. We will dedicate these set days off to taking ourselves and our children to dr’s appointments, dentists appointments, taking our annual training, licensing requirements and so forth. We hope it will prevent unexpected days off throughout the year. If and when it snows we will shovel the walkways and make it safe for you to walk to the doorway. We will have to make a judgment call and attendance will be at your own risk if we do open on snow days. Thank you for your support, please mark your calendars for the above dates to make your own arrangements to fit your needs.

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