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Mrs. Cristy
Head Teacher

Personal Profile

When I was younger, my hopes for when I was a grown up were to be a 5th grade math teacher and have a big family with a bunch of children. I am now a wife to my high school sweetheart and a mom to four wonderful children ranging from ages 4-19. Our oldest is currently attending the University of Oregon. Not only did I end up having the big family that I always wanted but I also did become a teacher, although I teach much more than math. I teach 15 wonderful children from ages 2-5 their numbers, letters, shapes, colors, early learning life skills, science and so much more. I am beyond blessed to be a part of their lives!


Mrs. Cristy's Trainings in Early Learning and Education


SN-Special Needs

UGB-Understanding and Guiding Behavior

OA-Observation and Assessment

LEC-Learning Environments and Curriculum

PM-Program Management

HSN-Health, Safety and Nutrition

FCS-Families and Community Systems

PPLD-Personal, Proffessional and Leadership Development

Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect HSN

Introduction to Child Care Health and Safety HSN

Exploring Self: Values, Beliefs and Culture Set Two DIV

Diversity, Equity, and Your Policies DIV

Working with Diversity in Services for Children and Young People DIV

Establishing Positive Relationships with Families FCS

How to Build Effective Partnerships with Families FCS

Partnering with Families FCS

Circles of Care FCS

Family Partnerships Year 3 FCS

Serving Families Experiencing Homelessness FCS

Supporting Children's Social and Emotional Development HGD

Foundations for Learning HGD

Fostering Children's Self-Esteem Year 3 HGD

Understanding Infant and Toddler Development Year 3 HGD

Child Growth and Development from Infancy to School-Age Year 3 HGD

Challenging Behavior: Positive Guidance in Child Care HGD, LEC, UGB

Child Development and Assessment Year 3 HGD, OA

Brain Development, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and Abusive Head Trauma: Shaken Baby Syndrome HSN

Child Maltreatment: A Guide for Child Care Professionals HSN

Emergency Planning for Child Care Providers HSN

Medication Administration in Child Care: Ensuring Children's Safety HSN

Infection Control in Child Care Settings HSN

Poison Prevention and Safety in Child Care Programs HSN

Managing Common Childhood Illnesses in Child Care HSN

Injury Prevention and Child Safety in Child Care Settings HSN

Children and Trauma HSN

Supporting Children's Mental Health and Well-Being HSN

Prevention is Better Than Treatment HSN

NAP SACC, Physical Activity for Young Children HSN

NAP SACC, Working with Families to Promote Healthy Weight Behaviors HSN

NAP SACC, Personal Health and Wellness HSN

NAP SACC, Nutrition for Young Children HSN

NAP SACC, Childhood Obesity HSN

Safe Sleep for Oregon's Infants HSN

Food Handler Certificate HSN

Adult, Child and Infant First Aid and CPR HSN

Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect HSN

Introduction to Child Care Health and Safety HSN

Curriculum Planning and Child Assessment LEC

Building a Reader LEC

Roads to Resilience! Education LEC

Routines and Environments that Support Social Emotional Development in Infants and Toddlers Year 3 LEC

An Ecosystem Approach to Developing the Foundation for Reading in the Early Years LEC

Pathway to Kindergarten LEC

What Children and Young People Say LEC

Children's Perspectives on Play LEC

Growing Together LEC

Many Right Ways LEC

Off to a Good Start! OA

Observing, Recording, and Assessing Children's Development OA

Getting a Clue: Observation and Assessment Year 3 OA

Managing and managing people PM

Overview for Family Child Care Providers PM

Course 1 - Leadership Fundamentals PPLD

Course 8 - Leadership in Action PPLD

Caring for Yourself and Achieving Your Goals PPLD

Leadership 101: The Basics of Maintaining an Effective Child Care Program PPLD

Leadership and context PPLD

Diapering and Toilet Learning in Inclusive Infant-Toddler Care SN

Strategies for Helping Preschool and School-Age Children Develop Self-Help Skills in the Inclusive Child Care SN

ADD and ADHD in Child Care Strategies for Managing Behavior and Classroom SN

Autism Spectrum Disorders in Child Care Strategies for Managing Behavior and Classroom SN

A Classroom Where Everyone Belongs SN

Supporting the Establishment of Strong Peer and Adult-Child Relationships in the Inclusive Child Care SN

Strategies for Caring for Children with Sensory Integration Issues Year 3 SN

Responding to Challenging Infant Toddler Behavior UGB

Strategies for Caring for Children with Challenging Behaviors UGB

Positive Guidance: Why, What and How? Year 3 UGB

Trouble in the Classroom: Overcoming Challenging Behaviors in the Early Childhood Classroom UGB

Positive Guidance and Discipline Year 3 UGB

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